A Work In Progress

We are actively building.

We decided to build this site on our own, and yes, it is a much more daunting task than we anticipated.

All the same, we are excited to share with you a teaser of what is to come over the next weeks and months.

Lawyer's Chef Table, Chef's Table, Origami, Damascus Knife, Knives, Design, Creativity
Chefs of words & Human Emotions

Our Practice Menu

Chessboard, Strategy, Regulatory Arbitrage, Legal Design, Taxation, Structuring, Legal Engineering, Financial Engineering, Arbitrage
Regulatory Design

Structure, Engineer, Arbitrage

Crafting, Forging, Portfolio, Legal Portfolio
Crafted & Forged

Our Portfolio

Decentralised Finance, Here be Dragons, Adventure, Pushing Boundaries, Exploration, DeFi, World Map
Here be dragons


Lady Justice, Law Must Serve A Higher Truth, Justice, Philosophy, Jurisprudence
Law must serve A Higher Truth

Our Philosophy & Methods

Coffee Lovers, Forest Cloud Beverage Company, Georgetown, Dialogue, Coffee, Film Effect
Coffee Lovers

Drink With Us

Communal Table, Sharing, End of Gatekeeping

Explore Collaborating With Us

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Anything & Everything Relating to your Personal Data