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Capital Markets

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Public Investments, Fundraising and Marketing

The last bastion of wealth still subject to policy obstruction, gatekeeping and overzealous regulation. This practice aims to actively assist with the disruption of the space, build inroads for better consumer choice and plant seeds for the next capital revolution.

Exchange Traded Funds

Public Fundraising

Securities Offer & Marketing

Financial & Investment Planning

Corporate Finance

Rights, Warrants & Employee Equity


Real Estate Development

Decentralised Finance

Capital Markets

Yeo Kim Hooi

Partner, Kim Tzin

Capital Markets

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RM1.3billion reorganisation and divestment of real estate assets

RM40million related-party acquisition of real estate assets and RM11million public fundraise with warrants

RM100million acquisition of public listed medical devices company

RM423million acquisition of public listed developer

US$10million digital asset private fund

RM127million development joint venture and takeover of public listed developer

RM550million reverse takeover of tile manufacturer

Standard terms and legal risk protools of global securities trading platform

Business diversification of RM70million marketcap public listed developer